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Access cutting-edge technology for your research and clinical trials, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in rehabilitation and ergonomics.

We strongly believe in the importance of scientific knowledge and research, and we are committed to supporting researchers in their quest for advacements in the field of rehabilitation, ergonomics, motor control and motor learning.


ReWing provides robots for researchers made by researchers. ReWing offers also its know-how and expertise to craft research protocols that are tailor-made to suit your project’s scope and objectives.

Leveraging extensive experience and collaboration worldwide in the research domain, we published numerous journal papers and conference presentations, showcasing our profound expertise in robotics rehabilitation.

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Edusa PRO-R

Product benefits

Edusa PRO-R is the first product of ReWing. Edusa PRO-R has been designed by researchers for researchers. It allows precise measurement and training of functional and complex movements of hand, wrist and forearm.


Customizable software

Edusa PRO-R software offers a wide variety of exercises with peculiar different features. New exercises with variable force fields conditions or assistance levels can be created to help researchers achieve their unique research goals.


Collecting objective and accurate data

Edusa PRO-R is equipped with high resolution encoders, an innovative grip sensor and a linear encoder on the handle to exactly compute all the forces and movements performed by the user.


Full range of motion

The sophisticated mechanics allows full reachable range of motion in all the wrist and forearm degrees of freedom granting unrestricted experiments on human movements.


Different positions for ergonomic research purposes

Edusa PRO-R is equipped with a manual tilt mechanism to accomodate different elbow angular position, and with electrical lift to allow sit or stand use.