ReWind to thefuture

ReWing mixes together artificial intelligence and
robotics to foster the future of rehabilitation and
improve the society quality of life.


There are more than 150 million people worldwide with motor impairments. These severely affect daily life activities.

ReWing wants to offer to the healthcare personnel and the patient the tools for the best possible recovery pathway.

Tested worldwide
For adult and pediatric use
Complete recovery journey
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ReWing technologies have been tested by leading research and medical centers worldwide, including adult and pediatric patients, acute, subacute and chronic phases of recovery, severe, moderate and mild levels of impairment.

Market Applications

Our products are made for medical and research use.
We developed features which help patients and professionals within each of these fields.

Rewing introduces

EDUSA product line

Enabling Discovery,Empowering Researchers


Edusa PRO-r is an essential instumentation for researchers studying sensorimotor control, motor learning or ergonomics.

Coming soon!


Edusa PRO is currently undergoing medical certification. It will be available soon.
Stay tuned!

Use casesUse casesUse casesUse cases
Use casesUse casesUse casesUse cases


Traumatic brain injury

Orthopaedic injury

Spinal cord injury

Multiple sclerosis

Cerebral palsy

ReWing scientific approach

We apply the most recent scientific evidences to our devices mixing robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and gamification to provide to clinicians and patients new tools for intense and engaging rehabilitation path.

Reporting and big data

Data driven treatment

Data driven prevention

Device connectivity

Rewing AI: more data better decisions.

ReWing AI enables clinicians and patients to monitor performances adopting ReWing technology and connects our product portfolio across the entire continuum of care.

About Us

ReWing is an innovative startup devoted to the design and development of technologies for sensorimotor rehabilitation in patients with orthopaedic and neurological impairments.

The founding team is composed by three scientists with more than 10 years of experience in the research field of rehabilitation robotics and AI.

The validation of our solutions led to: 50+ journal papers, 10+ clinical and research collaborations, 250+ neurological and orthopaedic subjects tested, 500+ healthy subjects evaluated.