ReWing technologyfor healthcare market

ReWing solutions drive the rehabilitation process from hospital to home combining Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.
Coming soon!

The first product for the healthcare market is designed to improve the upper limb sensorimotor assessment and rehabilitation of patients in a variety of conditions.

The product is currently undergoing medical certification and it will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Utilizing robotic devices in motor rehabilitation offers precise and customizable therapy tailored to individual needs, promoting faster recovery and improved patient outcomes. Their consistent performance and data-driven feedback enhance therapy sessions, ensuring optimal progress tracking and treatment adjustments.


Intensity of therapy

Reduction of time spent idle and high number of repetitions


AI-based assistance

Enhanced recovery trend thanks to automatic adaptive assistance


Effort reduction

Reduction of cognitive and physical effort of the therapist


Quantitative assessment

Objective and quantitative measures of patient's sensorimotor functions